Reviving old world traditions through organic speciality produce

Reviving old world traditions through organic speciality produce

Reviving old world traditions through organic speciality produce


We as Lonely Mountain Farm are comprised of husband and wife Kenny and Molly Baker with children River, Ruby and Uma.
We share a love for food, the land, the sea, and each other. As a family we are extremely optimistic about
our business, and the hard work we do together brings us closer year after year. Our farm has only emerged because
of the continued support, reciprocity, and love of all those that believe along the way

Latest farm news

2022 season:

To be determined if and when possible

Come to our farm and enjoy with us the work of some of the best chefs from the bay area. All cooked with our loved organic products.

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We are offering weekly boxes of vegetables for pickup on Saturdays at the Ferry Building market in San Francisco. $35/box contents of box vary depending on what the farm has available. sign up for boxes by prepaying on Venmo to lonelymountainfarm@gmail.com

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We love flowers, We grow a lot and enjoy getting creative with our floral arranging. If you need flowers for a special event please contact us

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Welcome and thank you for visiting Lonely Mountain Farm. Since 2009 our family farm has appreciated the opportunity to grow deliciously nutritious organic food for you and your family.

We are committed to providing the surrounding communities with a variety of the freshest and most unique produce at the market. We are proud to farm with an ecological mindset so that our children will inherit a better future.

Lonely Mountain Farm has been organically growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We have been focusing on heirloom varieties and seed saving strategies in order to provide a unique experience for our customers at the local farmer’s markets. We own and are stewards to twelve acres of beautiful Earth. Our primary goal on this landscape is to cultivate our soils so that we can continue to produce these quality goods for generations into the future. Similarly, we are fascinated with diversity, especially in regards to ecosystem resilience.

In this vein, we intensively intercrop flowers, fruit trees and row vegetables in order to harness biological pest control benefts. We have been focusing on planting perennials- heirloom apples, Asian pears, persimmons, fgs, berries, ?owers and much more are coming soon! Our ultimate goal as a collective business is sustainability and our tools will continue to be biodiversity. We hope to ?ourish as an extremely small-scale certifed organic farm. We love what we do and we hope you do too!

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