We grow a wide variety of flowers that we seed, grow, harvest and arrange at the farm.  The majority of flowers go to San Francisco where they are sold prearranged to farmers market customers and restaurants.  With a deep love for color, texture and style each year we select seed that will enable us to create bouquets that are unique, interesting and beautiful.  The flowers play a huge role on the farm creating a dynamic space that invites pollinators and birds to buzz about and have a snack. We are always pleased to create unique floral arrangements for weddings and other events.  See below if interested in ordering flowers


Flowers For Weddings and Special Events:


Our flowers:  We sell and arrange flowers that we grow on our family farm and the flowers change throughout the year. We have flowers available spring through fall with an array of colors and textures. We can usually accommodate your desired color palette depending on the season and what is available at that time.

Floral Options:

-Arrange yourself: Single variety Buckets, Mixed Flower Buckets, Mixed Flower and Filler

-We arrange for you: Table Bouquets (large/small), Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets,   Boutonnieres, pin on corsages, garlands, wreaths

If you are interested in our flowers for a wedding or any special event;
contact Molly Baker. Email or send a text message and we can send you a price list and flower availability list for your desired event date.  Our Instagram has a lot of photos of our flowers if you want to get and idea of our floral style.  

 email: lonelymountainfarm@gmail.com             Text: 650-504-5976